ONLINE versus online marketing?  WE BELEIVE IT'S NOT ABOUT COMPETING, it's about collaborating...

Online vs Offline Marketing | Many question whether offline marketing still works or is online marketing the stronger contender? Personally, we don’t think there needs to be competition between the two. Both elements make a great team and make your website known and successful.



Consistency Counts | Online vs Offline Marketing

Make sure your offline and online marketing match. One thing to consider is keeping things that are offline similar or identical to things that are online. Consistency is key to getting your audience to register what is going on. Consistency helps repeat information which helps stick in our minds more.


Keep the brand alive, online and offline.

-If you have straplines or key messages make sure they appear both online and offline.

-The look, feel and tone should all relate to each other.

-The use of keywords in your messages should be apparent in your offline messages to your online SEO campaigns etc.

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